Outreach Archive

Community Vigil in Beach Flats to Support Elvira Arellano

Dozens of community members gathered in Beach Flats Park for a vigil in solidarity with Elvira Arellano and all of the other families in risk of separation.

Anti-Immigrant Hysteria Opposed in Campbell

Raging Grannies and friends rallied to keep Campbell a hate-free zone, stop the militarization of the border, and protest the Minutemen.

Action at Burger King in Santa Cruz to Support the CIW

The Student/Farmworker Alliance announced that May 11th and 12th would be Days of Action vs. Burger King calling on the world's #2 burger chain to take responsibility for the conditions of farmworkers in the fields.

Palestine Awareness Week: Check Point at UCSC

Palestine Awareness Week is taking place at UC Santa Cruz from May 7th through May 10th and began with a Check Point established in the Baytree Plaza.

Mexico City Solidarity with Oaxaca, Acteal and Atenco on December 22

Hundreds of people came together in Mexico City to honor the peoples of Oaxaca, Acteal and Atenco during a global day of remembrance and solidarity.

Wanted! Ronald McDonald: Santa Cruz Solidarity with the CIW

Activists played music and held signs calling on McDonald’s to support justice for farmworkers.

Students and Workers (Re)United for Justice!

AFSCME workers and students at UC Santa Cruz held a rally in the Baytree Plaza and then marched to the base of campus.

Fernando Mendoza of APPO speaks in Watsonville

Al Rojas of Sacramento and Fernando Mendoza from the Peoples Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) spoke to a packed house in Watsonville.

ICE Go Home! Justice for All

A protest against "Operation Return To Sender" took place in the Watsonville Plaza on September 24th.

Reclaiming The Streets of Santa Cruz for Immigrant Rights

People from all walks of life were invited to an emergency Reclaim The Streets protest in response to the recent mass-arrest of 107 immigrants.