Peace & War Archive

Tens of thousands overfilled the streets of Santa Cruz for the historic Women’s March Santa Cruz County, held in conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington.

“Louis was a teacher who was fiercely dedicated to justice. He was always supportive and involved in our community work and campaigns.” -Jenn Laskin

A protest at Vandenberg Air Force Base in northern Santa Barbara County as part of the International Week to Stop the Militarization of Space.

More than 150 people participated in the annual march to commemorate the lives of community members who have been killed since 1994.

While participants held over 150 placards, one person chanted to pedestrians on Pacific, “These are the names of some of the kids killed by U.S. drones.”

A group gathered outside K-Mart armed with bunny ears, poster boards, and leaflets on militarized Easter baskets.

The Santa Cruz County recruiting offices for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines remained closed all day due to a large rally and civil disobedience.

Peace activists in Santa Cruz working with Code Pink are organizing to get resolutions passed in support of a California National Guard recall from Iraq.

Rallies and marches were held nationwide in solidarity with the counter-recruitment activists in the Supreme Court case.

The military learned about the protest and thought it would be a better idea to stay away from it, rather than be the focus of the demonstration.