Action at Burger King in Santa Cruz to Support the CIW

The Student/Farmworker Alliance announced that May 11th and 12th would be Days of Action vs. Burger King calling on the world’s #2 burger chain to take responsibility for the conditions of farmworkers in the fields. On May 11th, four students from the University of California at Santa Cruz and one loyal Burger King customer went to the Burger King on Mission Street / Highway 1 in Santa Cruz to drop off a letter to manager calling attention to the human rights crisis in Florida’s tomato fields. Burger King is a major purchaser of Florida tomatoes.

People will continue to take action in Santa Cruz in support of the Student/Farmworker Alliance (SFA) who are calling on the world’s #2 burger chain to follow in the footsteps of Taco Bell and McDonald’s and work with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to address the human rights crisis in Florida’s fields.

Burger King uses the purchasing power of thousands of restaurants to drive down tomato prices – and, consequently, tomato pickers’ wages – it has publicly rejected working with the CIW to address human rights abuses in the fields.

The CIW and their allies are committed to making fast food into fair food – one burger chain at a time.

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