Beach Flats Garden Archive

The march drew connections between saving the local Beach Flats Community Garden and the global boycott of Driscoll’s, the world’s largest berry distributor, founded and based in Santa Cruz County.

The City of Santa Cruz promised to seek acquisition of the land for a permanent garden, instead they bulldozed 40% of the garden to facilitate Seaside Company’s agenda.

Gardeners seek a creative solution to preserve twenty five years of cultivating food and culture in the heart of the Santa Cruz Beach Flats.

The Beach Flats Community Center (BFCC) is the neighborhood resource center in the heart of the Beach Flats community.

Marciano Cruz was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. For over 20 years, Marciano has been working to improve the lives of people in the greater Santa Cruz community.

At the meeting, the gardeners put forward a plan for the garden to be managed by the gardeners.

At the Beach Flats Community Garden, Domingo was pulling weeds and tilling the soil in preparation for Spring planting.

A meeting was convened at the Beach Flats Community Garden to preserve the special community space and support it’s gardeners.