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Frank Alvarado Sr. Speaks Out Against Salinas Police; Declares “There Will Be Justice”

Frank Alvarado Sr. spoke out against the local "PAL Program" in Salinas, explaining that it is nothing more than a farce for the Salinas Police Department.

Interview with Bradley Allen on KDVS in Davis

Richard Estes of Speaking in Tongues on college radio station KDVS in Davis, California speaks with Bradley Allen of Indybay.

Dennis Bernstein Interviews Bradley Stuart Allen and Ben Rice on KPFA’s Flashpoints

It certainly appears to be a decision by the District Attorney, to go after individuals that are not on their A-List, shall we say.

Chris Burnett Interviews Bradley Stuart Allen on KPFK’s Indymedia On Air

Chris Burnett interviews Santa Cruz Indymedia photojournalist Bradley Stuart Allen, who's facing a felony conspiracy for publishing photos of an Occupy demonstration.

Davey D Interviews Bradley Stuart Allen on KPFA’s Hard Knock Radio

We are seeing something that is very chilling, when you have folks who are un-bought and un-bossed, being told that they are not journalists, because they didn’t want to pick up and go along with the party line.

KPFA Evening News Speaks with Bradley Stuart Allen

A Santa Cruz photojournalist is facing felony and misdemeanor charges arising from his coverage of a building occupation by protesters affiliated with Occupy Wall Street.

Final Press Conference for Science Hill Tree Sit

The tree-sit drew to a close that morning when UC police seized control of Science Hill and arrested the last remaining tree-sitter.

The University is Unsustainable: A presentation by Darwin BondGraham and Will Parrish

The University of California's most significant contribution to the world has been in the form of increasingly sophisticated and destructive nuclear weapons.

UC Service Workers Announce STRIKE on June 4th and 5th

The central issue has been that wages have fallen dramatically behind other hospitals and California’s community colleges.

Oaxacan Perspectives on the Binational Struggles of Mexican Indigenous Migrant Communities

Centolia Maldonado Vasquez and Bernardo Ramirez Bautista gave presentations in Greenfield and at UC Santa Cruz on indigenous Mexican migration to the U.S.