Last Night DIY Archive

Sticking to the tradition of Keeping Santa Cruz Weird, Cocoamotion delivered hot chocolate and marshmallows to parade participants and spectators.

A press conference and rally was held to call attention to Santa Cruz Police spying and their investigation clearing themselves of any wrongdoing.

Councilmember Tony Madrigal, an advocate of workers, expressed concern about police spying and called for an independent investigation.

Thousands of people celebrated the new year with a Do-It-Yourself Last Night Santa Cruz parade.

Everyone who participates makes it happen.

Drummers, hoopers, stiltists, puppeteers, pacifists, breakdancers and many people in costume took part in the parade.

This high-profile infraction case stems from his alleged participation in the Last Night DIY New Year’s parade on December 31st, 2009.

Hundreds marched in Santa Cruz on December 31st as part of the Last Night DIY Celebration while hundreds of spectators lined the sidewalks and cheered.

Santa Cruz activists protested against the city’s failure to resolve the Santa Cruz Police Department spying scandal.