Students and Workers (Re)United for Justice!

On October 18th, AFSCME workers and students at UC Santa Cruz held a rally in the Baytree Plaza and then marched to the base of campus calling on UC President Dynes to release funds promised by the California Legislature to low-paid UC workers. AFSCME workers and students are also demanding wages comparable to those of neighboring colleges and universities where people are paid up to 30% more for doing the same amount or less work.

At the base of campus, people immediately marched into the center of the Bay and High intersection. Then everyone crossed the streets at the same time, though allowing cars to pass through without much delay. Since the police and Santa Cruz Metro began re-directing traffic away from the base of campus, people decided to use the opportunity to rally in the middle of the main entrance to campus. This was the first action this school year in ongoing struggle where students and workers are united in demanding social justice at UC Santa Cruz.

In response to signs saying “Custodians Deserve Market Level Wages” Dana Frank (above) aserted that workers should have control and not allow ‘the market’ to determine their wages. Dana is a professor and graduate program director in the History department at UCSC.

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