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Boycott Driscoll’s Action in Watsonville

Workers who grow, harvest, and pack Driscoll’s lucrative berries are struggling against the systematic abuses they are forced to endure, and the companies profiting from the exploitation of their collective labor.

Oaxacan Perspectives on the Binational Struggles of Mexican Indigenous Migrant Communities

Centolia Maldonado Vasquez and Bernardo Ramirez Bautista gave presentations in Greenfield and at UC Santa Cruz on indigenous Mexican migration to the U.S.

Gabriela León at UC Santa Cruz: Sunday Walk to the Zócalo of Oaxaca

Gabriela León Vázquez gave an artist talk at UC Santa Cruz about her exhibition at UCSC's Sesnon Gallery, Sunday Walk to the Zócalo of Oaxaca.

Mexico City Solidarity with Oaxaca, Acteal and Atenco on December 22

Hundreds of people came together in Mexico City to honor the peoples of Oaxaca, Acteal and Atenco during a global day of remembrance and solidarity.

Nov. 20th Day of Solidarity with Oaxaca at UC Santa Cruz

In response to the Zapatista call for global solidarity with the people of Oaxaca, about 40 students and workers rallied and marched at UC Santa Cruz.

Fernando Mendoza of APPO speaks in Watsonville

Al Rojas of Sacramento and Fernando Mendoza from the Peoples Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) spoke to a packed house in Watsonville.

Interview with Shannon Young in Oaxaca City

On October 2, the 38th anniversary of the Tlatelolco Massacre, I spoke with Shannon Young, Headlines Producer for Free Speech Radio News.

Quinta MegaMarcha SlideShow: Por un Oaxaca Mejor

Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets and marched to demand the immediate departure of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

Oaxaca City SlideShow: Un Pueblo Unido Avanza Sin Partidos

SlideShow of photos taken in Oaxaca City during the last week of August 2006 with compiled audio from the 2006 "El Enemigo Común" tour. For more information on resistance to neoliberalism in Oaxaca, please see the website for the film El Enemigo Común and follow the links.

Oaxaca is Closed in Solidarity with APPO

Oaxaca City is almost entirely closed. Even the Zocalo is eerily quiet.

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