Bradley Allen

Bradley and Perla

Hi, I’m Bradley, a reporter and website developer, living in California.

On this website ( I share my photography and writing about social justice, community, and the environment. My photos have been used by organizations and social movements in the U.S. and beyond.

As an undergraduate, I studied agroecology and globalization, and co-founded the Student Environmental Center at UC Santa Cruz, which has become an institution within the university. After receiving a degree in Environmental Studies, I earned a Masters at UCSC in Social Documentation, with an emphasis on photography and website development.

While documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I crossed paths with WordPress, and we’ve been together since. WordPress is free publishing software which is fun to use and supported by a wonderful community of passionate contributors.

I enjoy building websites, including Currently, I’m the CTO for Equilibrium Genetics. My roles include website development and maintenance, social media strategy and content design, as well as marketing materials for store buyers, budtenders, and growers. I’m also involved with seed production, sales, packaging, and distribution.