Bradley Allen

On this website ( I share my photography and writing about social justice, community, and the environment. My photos have been used by organizations and social movements in the U.S. and beyond.

Bradley and Perla

Bradley and Perla

As an undergraduate, I studied agroecology and globalization, and co-founded the Student Environmental Center at UC Santa Cruz, which has become an institution within the university. After receiving a degree in Environmental Studies, I earned a Masters at UCSC in Social Documentation, with an emphasis on photography and website development.

Since 2001, I’ve been part of the Indymedia movement where I gained experience with photojournalism, participating in collectives, working with a range of media technology, and collaborating with a distributed network on volunteers.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve documented countless street protests and rallies, influential occupations and tree-sits, court hearings, boycotts, and people struggling to survive without a home. I’ve also explored the closure of locally owned businesses, community gardens, environmental pollution, mutual aid disaster relief, movements to free prisoners, and cases of human and animal exploitation.

In addition to documenting and sharing news about important social movements, my goal has been to inspire people to “become the media.” I’ve encouraged people to contribute articles to independent media projects such as I’ve also supported people on their journey learning how to make websites.

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