Tree-sit Archive

The tree-sit drew to a close that morning when UC police seized control of Science Hill and arrested the last remaining tree-sitter.

A tree cutting company hired by the university cut down a grove of 100-year-old redwood trees to make way for construction of a Biomedical building.

On November 7, 2007, people took to the redwoods at the site of the proposed Biomedical Sciences building to show their opposition to destroying 120 acres of upper campus and having an additional 4,500 students taking from Santa Cruz’s limited resources.

The beautiful forest in North Campus, and the creatures who live there, are under threat by UCSC’s controversial 2005 Long Range Development Plan.

UC Santa Cruz students and other community supporters celebrated 200 days of tree-sitting resistance to UCSC’s 2005 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP).

On March 13th, UC Santa Cruz canceled their judicial review hearing against Cruz Molina just before it was set to begin, off-campus, at the UCSC Inn.

A student stood below the tree and told people in and below the tree that the reason he was there was because he received an email from UCSC telling him to avoid the tree-sit.

UC police officers stood below the trees to prevent people from sharing with tree-sitters.

Zach Schlesinger, a professor of physics at UCSC, is among the people that the university alleges engaged in a criminal act of food sharing over the holiday break.

During my brief time on Science Hill, numerous people brought food to the tree-sitters, including Michael Urban, a professor of politics at UCSC.

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