Oakland Archive

Young Activists for Black Lives Coalition

Recuperation is a process by which radical ideas and images are commodified within media culture and society, and thus become interpreted through a more socially conventional perspective.

Grabbing banners, flags, and signs, people took to the streets and marched through the downtown to several corporations that profit from prison labor.

The highly energetic march wound through the streets and neighborhoods of East Oakland and ended at the Coliseum City development site.

Luta’s supporters from the Bay Area and Santa Cruz celebrated briefly at the Hayward Hall of ‘Justice’ after the DA decided to not press charges.

Memorial march held in honor of Oscar Grant and other victims of police brutality and murder.

The demonstration was modeled on Occupy Oakland’s successful port shut down and general strike on November 2nd.

Over a thousand people wound their way through Oakland, including around Lake Merritt, before stopping to set up a new occupation in the park and empty lot.

The ILWU Local 10 longshore workers closed all bay area ports with the demand “Justice for Oscar Grant! Jail Killer Cops!”

An antiwar rally was held at the Oakland docks to mark the fourth anniversary of the Oakland police attack on protesters, longshoremen and journalists.