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“This is one of the cultural and intellectual hubs of the campus, and it’s impossible to quantify what the university would be losing by closing this space.” – Scott Ferreter of Sacramento

The counterculture cannabis celebration brought people of diverse backgrounds together for an afternoon under the hot sun.

The military learned about the protest and thought it would be a better idea to stay away from it, rather than be the focus of the demonstration.

Military recruiters returned to UC Santa Cruz for the first time since they were rallied off campus by Students Against War on April 5, 2005.

Dilated Peoples set at the 26th annual Multicultural Festival in the Quarry Amphitheater at UC Santa Cruz.

Workshops addressing activism and change in the local and global context, as well as keynote speeches from Daniel “Nane” Alejandrez and Nzingha Dugas.

The theme of the demonstration was Broken Promises + Broken Schools = Broken Dreams.

As the UC Administration engages in a campaign of lies, Santa Cruz Indymedia’s open-publishing newswire is being utilized to expose the truth.

Presentation on the exploitation of workers in maquiladoras, and how they are organizing to form networks of resistance and awareness.

Will Parrish, an organizer with Tent University Santa Cruz, joined me for a live-on-air interview. TUSC will take place April 18-22 at the base of UCSC.