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UC Santa Cruz Terminates Historic Stevenson Coffee House

"This is one of the cultural and intellectual hubs of the campus, and it's impossible to quantify what the university would be losing by closing this space." - Scott Ferreter of Sacramento

Four Twenty 2013 in Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz

The counterculture cannabis celebration brought people of diverse backgrounds together for an afternoon under the hot sun.

Ten Years of Practical Activism Conference at UC Santa Cruz

The 10th annual Practical Activism Conference at UC Santa Cruz, organized by students at colleges Nine, Ten and Oakes, was held on October 20, 2012 at the College Nine & College Ten Multipurpose Room.

Drop the Charges Against the Davis Dozen and Arrest the Criminals at UC and US Bank

The Davis Dozen returned to the Yolo County Courthouse for a pre-trial conference. The mood was upbeat and positive inside the courtroom.

420 2012 in Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz

Four Twenty in Porter Meadow at UCSC is an unorganized annual tradition.

The Student Environmental Center’s 11th Annual Campus Earth Summit at UCSC

The Student Environmental Center at UCSC hosted the 11th Annual Campus Earth Summit at UC Santa Cruz.

UCSC Day of Action Unites Local Movements

A march from campus to downtown to speak out not against budget cuts in education, and to highlight the issues of educational justice and wealth disparity.

Thousands Celebrate Four Twenty in the Forest at UC Santa Cruz

Thousands of people participated in the annual pilgrimage to Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz to celebrate Four Twenty.

Second Annual Cannabis Legalization Rally at CSU Monterey Bay

On April 26th, the CSU Monterey Bay chapter of NORML hosted the second annual Cannabis Legalization Rally at CSUMB. The rally featured live music, speeches, and organizing.

Four Twenty is a Smoking Good Time for Thousands at UC Santa Cruz

The annual Four Twenty celebration of marijuana at UC Santa Cruz drew thousands of people to the Porter Meadow.