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Palestine Awareness Week is taking place at UC Santa Cruz from May 7th through May 10th and began with a Check Point established in the Baytree Plaza.

The Student/Farmworker Alliance announced that May 11th and 12th would be Days of Action vs. Burger King calling on the world’s #2 burger chain to take responsibility for the conditions of farmworkers in the fields.

It is imperative that the UC Regents stop providing academic respectability to the creation of the world’s most deadly weapons.

The UC Activist Defense Committee, along with a large network of supporters, rallied at Kerr Hall to defend Alette Kendrick.

Teaching assistants at UC Santa Cruz held a rally and sick-in to let the University of California know that we are sick of attacks on our health care.

Teaching assistants and other members of UAW Local 2865 held a grade-in at the Baytree Plaza at UC Santa Cruz as part of a statewide action.

Protestors converged on the Military Recruitment Center in Capitola “to end the war in Iraq now, and to work for a future of peace and justice for all.”

I was at the intersection of Bay and Mission two days ago for a memorial to John Myslin, however we were unaware of his identity at that time.

Raging Grannies and friends rallied to keep Campbell a hate-free zone, stop the militarization of the border, and protest the Minutemen.

Santa Cruz City Hall was the most recent location to be transformed into an outdoor movie theater by the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In collective and guests.