Money for Schools, Not Wars! Protest at the Oakland Docks

On April 7th, 2007, an antiwar rally was held at the Oakland docks to mark the fourth anniversary of the Oakland police attack on protesters, longshoremen and journalists.

Organizers of the event outlined the following key points:

* Stop war shipments.
* Port money for schools & social services.
* Bring the troops home now and give them the healthcare they need.
* Express solidarity with Tacoma protestors who are trying to stop war shipments.

April 7th, 2007: Oakland Rally Against War Shipments

Supplies for the military ship from the Port of Oakland every day. Organizers say, “The Port and its maritime tenants are war profiteers and pay not one cent for Oakland Schools or Alameda County social services. Yet the Port does $33 billion in business a year.”

A protest at the Port is also planned for May 19th, 2007.

April 7, 2003
Oakland Police Open Fire On Peaceful Protesters And Dock Workers: Mayor Jerry Brown Backs Police Use Of Force

March 11, 2007
Direct Action Against Military Shipments Continues in Tacoma, WA

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