May Day 2007 March from UC Santa Cruz to Downtown

Hundreds of students and workers rallied at UCSC’s Bay Tree Plaza and then marched to downtown Santa Cruz to meet up with families from the Beach Flats. The demonstration, which ended in the Beach Flats, was part of the international workers day celebrations popularly known as May Day. The M.I.R.A. Coalition, Movement for Immigrant Rights Alliance, at UCSC organized students and workers in the march against the current inhumane situation undocumented immigrants are facing and to demand the following:

  • Stop the militarization of the U.S.-Mexican Border
  • Stop the unjust deportation and criminalization of all immigrants
  • Support and protect workers rights
  • Legalization for undocumented
  • Close inhumane detention centers
  • Stop the Separation of families
  • Stop the military recruitment of immigrant youth
  • Equal rights as citizens, regardless of immigration status

The demonstration was held in solidarity with all the other movements all around the nation on the international labor day including efforts to stop US intervention in other countries.

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