Arnold Schwarzenegger Un-Welcomed to Salinas High

On August 8th, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was un-welcomed to Salinas High School by members of the American Federation of Teachers, Monterey Bay Central Labor Council, Watsonville Brown Berets and other demonstrators. With an escort of police in cruisers and on motorcycles, Schwarzenegger’s vehicle drove past a group of protesters and into a back entrance of Salinas High. Police quickly locked out the people who, in the theory of US Democracy, are supposed to be represented by the Governor.

There was one citation given to a youth of color who entered a road along with a group of other people. The youth, who did not cross the road, was the only one who received a ticket for jaywalking even though other people did cross the road in front of the police officer. The youth was not at the school to protest Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was at the school to pick up some homework and is a student at Salinas High School.

Listen to audio coverage from the demonstration and background information:

(2:49 minutes)

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