Peace & War Archive

About a dozen people held signs calling for an end to war, there was a farmer’s market and many people relaxed on benches and on the lawn.

Santa Cruz activists took the message of peace to the streets, well, actually they held their signs high above Highway One.

A memorial consisting of white sticks in the ground, each with a photo and information about a particular person from the US who has died in Iraq.

Over 350 people marched in the annual Peace and Unity March on the unusually hot Sunday afternoon of September 30, 2012 in downtown Watsonville, CA.

To honor victims of gang-related violence and push for an end to the violence in the community.

Dozens of people came together in Santa Cruz to rally at the clock tower and march down Pacific Avenue in solidarity with WikiLeaks.

Don’t Kill Other People. Don’t Kill Yourself. Don’t Join the Military.

The day before the RNC, Veterans for Peace held a rally in front of the state capitol building in St. Paul, Minnesota followed by a solemn march.

Students un-welcomed the military to UC Santa Cruz and disrupted their attempts to recruit during the “Career” Fair.

Protests and vigils were held across the nation on March 24th following an announcement the day before of 4,000 dead US soldiers in Iraq.