Marching in the Streets of Watsonville for Peace and Unity

On October 16, 2005, the 12th Annual Peace and Unity March was held in Watsonville. About 250 people participated in the march which went through numerous communities in downtown Watsonville.

The annual Peace & Unity March began after the brutal murder of Jorge (16) and his little sister Jessica (9) Cortez. Jorge and Jessica were gunned down execution style outside a panaderia in Pajaro one February evening. A few months later, Tony Valdivia (19) was shot to death in a local beach party. Local youth were outraged and decided to do something about it. This march commemorates all carnales and carnalas who have died of gang, domestic, and international violence in our community.

For 11 consecutive years the Brown Berets have brought the different barrios together in a march which encompasses Watsonville as a whole. We are not only advocating for peace, but also for unity within our barrios.

You can listen to chants from the march, paying tribute to Augustin Jacobo and music performed by Dangerous Minds.

Dangerous Minds are two conscious MCs, Rob and Uriel, from Watsonville. Rob and Uriel are both active with the Watsonville Brown Berets.

Augustin Jacobo

In memory of Augustin Jacobo. The year was 1996 and Augustin Jacobo, a 16 year old Aptos High School student, was standing in front of his Watsonville house shortly after midnight when he was shot from a passing car.

Tomas gives an intro to Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds – Intro
Dangerous Minds – Rob
Dangerous Minds – Uriel and Rob
Dangerous Minds – Rob
Dangerous Minds – Rob
Dangerous Minds – Outro

On October 28th, the WBB are organizing a MC Battle and FreeStyle Competition

The Brown Berets meet every Thursday at 7pm in Watsonville. We are Located at 406 Main Street (Suite 408b). Membership is open to anyone dedicated to battle social injustice.

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