Foothill Anti-Capitalist Action Committee Shuts Down Military Recruiters by Default

The Foothill Anti-Capitalist Action Committee spread the word of a protest on November 1, 2005 against the military recruiters who table in the quad every Tuesday at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. However on this Tuesday, the military recruiters failed to show up. It looks like the military learned about the protest and thought it would be a better idea to stay away from it, rather than be the focus of the demonstration.

About 15 people marched from the Smithwick Theater plaza to the quad where people eat lunch and take breaks between classes. A lot of people were very supportive of the demonstration, which included a mobile sound system.

Interview with a student at Foothill College (1:09 minutes)
Shut Em Down! Why Military Recruiters are Opposed (1:25 minutes)
Interview with a worker at Foothill College (3:42 minutes)
Who’s In Charge? Nobody’s In Charge? (4:14 minutes)
Interview with James, Greg and Megan (11:08 minutes)

James, Greg and Megan are students at Foothill College who oppose the military on their campus.

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