Peace & War Archive

Military recruiters returned to UC Santa Cruz for the first time since they were rallied off campus by Students Against War on April 5, 2005.

Demonstrators called for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq, the removal of George Bush, and for government money to be spent on education instead of warfare.

Among the people gathered to protest Bush, was Tim, John and Aaron, three members of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

About 250 people participated in the march through downtown Watsonville to commemorate those who have died of gang, domestic, and international violence.

About 100 people who are “sickened by the killing, torture, and costs of the illegal and immoral war in Iraq” held an anti-war demonstration in Santa Cruz.

On May 15, 2005, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) organized an anti-war informational walk down Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz. WILPF and supporters gathered at the Town Clock and walked down both sides of the Pacific Avenue sidewalks while handing out leaflets about The Cost of War.

About a dozen people held a vigil at the town clock in Santa Cruz to protest the state-sponsored premeditated murder of Michael Morales.

The Santa Cruz Chapter of Death Penalty Focus displayed banners that read, “The State will kill Stanley Tookie Williams in your name tonight!”

Santa Cruz is one of more than 300 cities worldwide calling for an end to the death penalty.

Amigos de Cuba (Friends of Cuba), Santa Cruz County, USA spoke with many people about the “Cuban Five” and the US embargo on Cuba.