Veterans for Peace Lead Funeral March in St. Paul

On August 31st, the day before the Republican National Convention (RNC), Veterans for Peace held a rally in front of the state capitol building in St. Paul, Minnesota followed by a solemn march. Families of US soldiers and other marchers carried tombstones with the names of dead US soldiers. Meanwhile, the names of murdered Iraqis were read out loud and people responded, “We Remember.”

Towards the end of the march, organizers gave people the option of continuing along the police approved route or to engage in civil disobedience by towards a caged off area. A handful of people, including two women in their 70s, either rolled under or walked around the police fence and were eventually arrested.

There are a lot of websites with more information on the protests against the Republican National Convention in Twin Cities. Here’s a good link to check out:

Across Twin Cities Police Move Aggressively Against Activists

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