Final Press Conference for Science Hill Tree Sit

On December 13th, tree-sit spokespersyn Jennifer Charles, tree-sit supporter Dani Drake, and tree-sitter Sorrel, held a press conference at the base of UC Santa Cruz to read an official tree-sit statement. They also spoke personally about the tree-sit, ongoing struggle against UCSC’s expansion into Upper Campus and answered questions from the media, supporters and others in attendance.

The tree-sit drew to a close that morning when UC police seized control of Science Hill and arrested the last remaining tree-sitter. William’s Tree Service, protected by fences and UC police, proceeded to cut down Redwoods and Oak Trees to make way for construction of a Biomedical building.

Press Conference (26:13 minutes)

Includes Jennifer, Dani, Sorrel and Q & A.
More audio is posted below the first three photos, which includes the Raging Grannies and final words from Jennifer on the next legal battles.

You can read the final tree-sit statement at the link below:

Tree Sit Ends But Resistance Continues

Photos of the tree-cutting from that morning (December 13, 2008) on Science Hill are posted at:
and (part II)

You can also listen to the press conference held on the morning of November 7, 2007 when over 500 students, alumni, and community members rallied in opposition to the University’s “Long Range Development Plan.”

Long Range Resistance Press Conference (Nov. 7, 2007)

Raging Grannies: Up in These Redwood Trees
Raging Grannies: Nesting Is Not Just For Birds
Jennifer Charles on the Next Legal Battle

Last, but not least, below is a letter that was originally posted as a comment to the photos “part II” which is linked above.

To my children
by Mother Earth
Monday Dec 15th, 2008 5:01 PM

My dear little ones – how it pains me to see you quarrel with your brothers and sisters like this. Your “newspaper” claims this was a non-violent end but I can think of nothing more violent than cutting open the tree people and pulling them out by their roots.

I’ve tried to send you signals, as have the tree people, as have the crow people, but you invaders have forgotten how to listen. You speak a monosyllabic tongue of violence and insist that everyone around you speak it too. You take and take, and it is never enough, and yet, never give back. You act as if what has been here long before you belongs only to you and accuse the few ones left of being violent if they resist you. If only you could hear how happy the tree people were to share their canopy views with wild humans once again – oh, to wake on a cold morning to the rising sun and know that a brave few are risking their only gift of life to defend yours.

It is with such a deep sadness that I feel now – sadness not just for the tree people but for the pale faces too. They are accursed with an emptiness that will never be fulfilled – the ones who carry weapons for the ones who bury themselves alive in offices, they will all someday return to me not knowing the wisdom that can only come by walking the good path of balance. A wisdom, that their kind once possessed.

To that end, though I know I cannot change the minds of the people who have done this heinous act. I want to assure you that someday, the tree people, the bird people will find their way back to what will be the ruins of your structures. For you see, your missiles, your tractors, your paper laws, your bullets, your chancellors, and judges will not bother me in the long run – Indeed, they are of very little concern when matched against my hurricanes, my tumors, my floods, my insistence that the sacred balance of “what you consume now, will consume you later” be recognized. You see, I do not sign treaties and I do not abide by your artificial laws. The one thing I can promise you is that this will not be the last time you hear from me.

Your Angry Mother

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