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The people who do the work in a community are entitled to live with dignity and without fear of violence and deportation.

Thousands of students from local schools marched and rallied against HR 4437 in Watsonville.

Students share their feelings on walking-out and anti-immigrant laws, as well as the actions of fellow students, teachers, administrators and police.

After the walkout and march, I went over to Santa Cruz High and spoke to a small group of students.

While calling for an end to war in Iraq, most people were focused on calling attention to HR 4437; one of many anti-immigrant bills making its way through Congress.

On March 8, International Women's Day, Dianne Patterson and Kelle Greene were special guests of The Feminist Radio Collective on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM.

About 40 people crowded into the RCNV in Santa Cruz to hear Ryan Harvey perform anarchist folk music and see a premier screening of El Enemigo Común.

About a dozen people held a vigil at the town clock in Santa Cruz to protest the state-sponsored premeditated murder of Michael Morales.

About 50 people came out to El Centro Cultural de México in Santa Ana to hear Son del Centro perform music and see a premier screening of El Enemigo Común.

Santa Cruz is one of more than 300 cities worldwide calling for an end to the death penalty.