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Peter Young, an animal liberation activist and former Green Scare prisoner, spoke in Santa Cruz before a screening of "Behind the Mask" at a benefit for the SHAC 7.

Gabriela León Vázquez gave an artist talk at UC Santa Cruz about her exhibition at UCSC's Sesnon Gallery, Sunday Walk to the Zócalo of Oaxaca.

UC employees represented by AFSCME held statewide pickets at all five UC medical centers and 10 campuses.

Early in the morning of November 7th, activists opposed to UC Santa Cruz's Long Range Development Plan launched a tree-sit in redwoods near Science Hill.

Angela Davis spoke about many topics, including growing up in Birmingham, Alabama during Jim Crow segregation.

Al Rojas of Sacramento and Fernando Mendoza from the Peoples Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) spoke to a packed house in Watsonville.

On October 2, the 38th anniversary of the Tlatelolco Massacre, I spoke with Shannon Young, Headlines Producer for Free Speech Radio News.

Art and Action co-founder and coordinator, Xiomara, called Free Radio Santa Cruz to spread the word about the upcoming performance.

Slowly but surely, musicians, artists, chalkers, dancers, bikers, disc tossers, walkers and other party goers began arriving at Pearl Alley.

They were kicked out of the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market on Wednesday, but on Thursday the ruckus music of Shakey Bones was welcomed on Freak Radio.