Government Archive

On September 1st, over ten thousand people marched in the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota to protest the Republican National Convention while demanding peace, justice and equality.

Police quickly arrived on the scene, jumped out of a black tactical van, pepper sprayed the group and then tackled three people.

Erik Forman was recently fired for labor organizing, although that was not the official explanation given by Starbucks.

The day before the RNC, Veterans for Peace held a rally in front of the state capitol building in St. Paul, Minnesota followed by a solemn march.

If the Santa Cruz chapter of the ACLU is trying to “Keep Santa Cruz Weird”, then Ryan Coonerty was a fitting recipient for the “Hammer of Justice” award.

George Marcus violently smacked the camera I was holding with his open palm.

A protest targeting Sam Farr, Representative for the 17th Congressional District, was held at the Santa Cruz County Building.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was un-welcomed to Salinas High School by members of the American Federation of Teachers and other demonstrators.

Santa Cruz activists attended the City Council meeting to call for the impeachment of George Bush and Richard Cheney.

A press conference and rally was held to call attention to Santa Cruz Police spying and their investigation clearing themselves of any wrongdoing.