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The California Supreme Court issued its ruling on the validity of the Prop 8 ballot initiative and upheld a voter-mandated ban on same-sex marriage.

Hundreds of people rallied at the Santa Cruz County Courthouse to protest the passage of California’s Proposition 8.

While the Dakota did not ask for a permit for the four days, the property manager has provided one. Despite the permit and the ceremonies that are happening on site, there continues to be heavy surveillance by Homeland Security, Hennepin County Sheriffs, and riot-police from various police agencies.

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign rally held at Mears Park and the march that followed were heavily infiltrated by plainclothes police.

Poor and homeless people of every race, background and age, students, social workers, union members, lawyers, religious leaders, artists and others who stand for social and economic justice.

Thousands gathered at the state capitol in St. Paul, MN. Artists and speakers included Michael Franti, Anti-Flag, Dead Prez, Winona LaDuke, & Medea Benjamin.

Decentralized, unpermitted protests took place throughout the streets of downtown St. Paul, MN on September 1st to mark the start of the RNC.

On September 1st, over ten thousand people marched in the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota to protest the Republican National Convention while demanding peace, justice and equality.

Police quickly arrived on the scene, jumped out of a black tactical van, pepper sprayed the group and then tackled three people.

Erik Forman was recently fired for labor organizing, although that was not the official explanation given by Starbucks.