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Peace Dove

We know that the mainstream media will not do a quality job of covering the peace movement or any other movement involving social and economic justice.

Boy Working on Puzzle

We headed to Reliant Arena to find out more information about Katrina survivors being transferred from the Arena to Fort Chaffee, a military base in Arkansas.

On the evening of June 25, several hundred people took to the streets of downtown Palo Alto to march against war, empire and capitalism.

GMO Free

Mendocino County passed Measure H, banning the planting of Genetically Engineered crops, also known as Genetically Modified Organisms, within their county.

About 200 students marched and rallied to get the military out of UC Santa Cruz. Students rallied outside McHenry Library before marching to the Job Fair.

On April 17th, 2006, the Watsonville Brown Berets held the 6th annual Youth and Power. The theme was “Brown and Black Pride” and the event, held on a Monday night, brought together more than thousand people from ‘Los Atzlan’ to the Bay Area.

The people who do the work in a community are entitled to live with dignity and without fear of violence and deportation.

On Monday, May 1st, International Workers Day, students and workers at UC Santa Cruz walked picket lines at the base of campus and west entrance to support the rights of immigrants and all people.

A large mass of bikers and a young girl with a scooter, took to the streets of Santa Cruz to celebrate Critical Mass.

Our lesson for the day was to discuss various types of surveillance and the effects it has on individuals and society.