Security Guard and Police Confiscate a Backpack on Science Hill

On January 10th, a tree-sitter on Science Hill at UC Santa Cruz dangled a lime green shopping bag from a platform high up in a redwood, presumably with the desire of receiving food, dry clothing and other supplies for occupying the crown of a coastal redwood during a stormy winter. UC police officers stood below the trees to prevent people from sharing with tree-sitters. A security guard also confiscated a backpack from under a tree and then turned it over to the police. UCSC has resorted to a diversity of tactics in trying to end the tree-sit which has been ongoing since November 7th, 2007, including police intimidation and violence, public relations lies and propaganda, and seeking a court injunction against named and unnamed individuals.

The previous night, January 9th, two people were violently arrested on Science Hill. You can learn more about those arrests here:

Eyewitness Report of Police Attacking Two People at UCSC

For more information about the tree-sit on Science Hill against UCSC expansion, see:

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