Port of Oakland Shut Down by Occupy Oakland

On December 12th, the Occupy movements in various cities, mostly along the west coast, staged mass mobilizations to march on ports, create community pickets, and effectively shutdown the hubs of commerce. The demonstrations were modeled on Occupy Oakland’s successful port shut down and general strike on November 2nd.

Occupy Oakland called for the December 12th West Coast Port Shutdown, “because we believe it is time the occupation movement begins to work together to carry through coordinated, pinpointed actions. We want to disrupt the profits of the 1% and show solidarity with those in the 99% who are under direct attack by corporate tyranny.” In particular, the demonstrations were in solidarity with longshoremen, port workers and truck drivers.

The following photos were taken on December 12th during the afternoon rally at 14th and Broadway in Oscar Grant (aka Frank Ogawa) Plaza, the march from the plaza to the port, and the demonstration within the Port of Oakland. The port was already shut down in the early morning as a result of protests, and was still closed when the large demonstration arrived in the evening. In addition to Oakland, protesters in Portland, OR; Longview, WA; and Vancouver, BC successfully shut down ports in their city for the morning shift, and the SSA terminals at the Los Angeles/Long Beach port were successfully shut down as well.

Since there were attacks by police on demonstrators in other cities, including Seattle, San Diego and Houston, Occupy Oakland made good on its promise of solidarity, and extended the port shut down into the next shift at 3am. Occupy Oakland successfully shut down the Port of Oakland for three consecutive shifts.

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