Watsonville High School Students Speak About Walkouts

Students Walkout at Watsonville and Pajaro Valley High Schools. Photos by Soraya Hernandez.

On Thursday, March 30, 2006, I spoke with Watsonville High School students about the walkouts which took place on Monday, March 27th and Tuesday, March 28th. Students share their reasons for walking-out, why they do not support attempts to create anti-immigrant laws as well as the actions of fellow students, teachers, administrators and police.

Many of the students discuss instances of police brutality which they saw and heard about from friends. Police brutality included hitting a student in the back with a baton and spraying students with pepper spray, including the eyes.

There are 5 audio files below. (32 minutes total)

One student wanted to stress the fact that new anti-immigrant laws will target not only Mexicans, but people from many different cultures and countries.

Cynthia – Watsonville High School
Dago – Watsonville High School
Watsonville High School Students
Emanuel – Watsonville High School
Watsonville High School Students 2

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