Interview with Shannon Young in Oaxaca City

On October 2, 2006, the 38th anniversary of the Tlatelolco Massacre, I spoke with Shannon Young, Headlines Producer for Free Speech Radio News, who lives in Oaxaca City, Mexico. The 1968 student massacre at Tlatelolco in Mexico City sets a creepy undertone for the military provocations currently taking place in Oaxaca City which include low-flying marine helicopters. Shannon also discusses MegaMarches, the march from Oaxaca City to Mexico City and the technicalities of getting Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO) to leave office.

Shannon Young (25 minutes)

Topics discussed in the interview include:

* Anniversary marches for the Tlatcoco Massacre

* Marine helicopters flying overhead and a plane with a camera has been flying overhead as well

* 500 – 2,500 barricades throughout Oaxaca City

* A Federal meeting with all sides

* The training of 2,000 special police forces outside of Oaxaca City

* URO’s appearance in Oaxaca City

* Schools, students, teachers and scab teachers

* Drive-by shootings and kidnappings

* Unusual attacks on banks which may have been committed by a guerilla group which may have been planted by the government as a pretext for military force against the people of Oaxaca

* The effect on tourism and the economy

* Warnings from the US State Department and Canada not to go to Oaxaca.

* Shutdown strikes in Oaxaca City by business owners

* Traveling to Oaxaca

* Media reporting on the situation in Oaxaca

* Spreading the word about Oaxaca and solidarity

* MegaMarches and the march from Oaxaca City to Mexico City and the situation in Puebla

* Technicalities of getting URO to leave office

* The false image of democracy in Mexico

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