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After a series of strikes in 2013 at Sakuma Brothers Farms in Washington state, farmworkers formed a union in response to denial of lunch and rest breaks, inhumane housing conditions, wage theft, below minimum wage pay, and harassment from supervisors.

Farmworkers declare “we have suffered reprisals, mass dismissals, constant threats, increased workload for the same salary, and are obligated to join corporate unions that have never represented us, in exchange for keeping our jobs, among other labor abuses.”

“Thank you to all the people who enter the stores and raise the consciousness of the consumers, because we are going to win this struggle together with you all.” – Maestra Gloria

Workers who grow, harvest, and pack Driscoll’s lucrative berries are struggling against the systematic abuses they are forced to endure, and the companies profiting from the exploitation of their collective labor.

Beehive Collective presented ¡Mesoamerica Resiste!, the long-awaited third graphics campaign in an epic trilogy, at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.

More than 30 people showed up in downtown Santa Cruz to express their opposition to Corporate America

In solidarity with the demonstration against the G8 summit in Scotland, a West Coast Anti-Capitalist Mobilization was held in the Mission District of SF.

At the WTO protests in Seattle, we had a collective vision. We saw beyond the borders that divide us. We saw people come together across every kind of political and cultural difference and stand up in a way that we had not seen in this country for decades.

Dr. Helen Caldicott on the profound medical, environmental, political, and moral effects of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and nuclear waste.

Bruce Gagnon, founder and director of the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space, spoke at the Louden Nelson Community Center.