Occupy Santa Cruz Demonstrates Outside Major Banks

On October 7th, hundreds of people marched from Santa Cruz Mission Plaza and demonstrated at national financial institutions in downtown, as part of Occupy Santa Cruz, a local movement in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the 800+ occupations taking place in towns and cities throughout the U.S. Demonstrators held signs and chanted outside Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo, and briefly marched on Soquel Avenue, Pacific and Mission Street.

People held signs with statements including:

– The Two Party System is A Farce. It’s All About Money

– Stop the Wars! Stop the War on Workers!

– Corporations Are People!??? Great! Let’s Break Their Knee-caps!

– Stop Funding an Endless War, Invest in Community

– End the Fed

– Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport!

– Land of the Fees, Home of the Slave

– Share More, Consume Less

– End Corporate Personhood, Move to Amend

– Corporations Have More Rights Than I Do

For more information and to participate, please see:

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