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A banner reading “Reclaim Space—Reclaim our Lives” was hung above a counter where bank tellers had once smiled and counted out bills.

At least some of the defendants are journalists who were present to report on the protest. We condemn any attempt to criminalize their exercise of the crucial First Amendment right to gather and disseminate information about this newsworthy event. All charges based on this constitutionally protected activity should be dropped immediately.

People demonstrated on the sidewalk in front of the Wells Fargo Bank located at 74 River St. in downtown Santa Cruz.

Such is the case with Bradley Stuart Allen, a freelance photographer who faces charges for documenting a building occupation.

Nearly 70 reporters and citizen journalists have been arrested across the U.S. while covering the Occupy Wall Street movement.

It certainly appears to be a decision by the District Attorney, to go after individuals that are not on their A-List, shall we say.

Although my obvious editorial interests were peace, justice and labor issues, and was often labeled “alternative”, my status as “press” was always respected, never questioned!!

Chris Burnett interviews Santa Cruz Indymedia photojournalist Bradley Stuart Allen, who’s facing a felony conspiracy for publishing photos of an Occupy demonstration.

We are seeing something that is very chilling, when you have folks who are un-bought and un-bossed, being told that they are not journalists, because they didn’t want to pick up and go along with the party line.

This is a shameful waste of taxpayers money, a black eye to the Constitution of the United States, and a terrible thing to put him through.