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Robert “Blindbear” Facer, a homeless street musician, and Robert Norse, a supporter of homeless civil rights, had their trial continued.

This high-profile infraction case stems from his alleged participation in the Last Night DIY New Year’s parade on December 31st, 2009.

Wednesday, April 21st was the first day of the expanded Farmers’ Market in downtown Santa Cruz.

I strayed into SubRosa, the infoshop at the south end of Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz, a quarter past eight for the weekly Open Mic.

A dance party thumped on the night of September 30 at the occupied Graduate Student Commons and Bay Tree Plaza at UC Santa Cruz.

The drumming got started when a little kid, a regular at the drum circle, began playing his drum in the dirt near the sidewalk on Cedar Street.

Mesh fencing that circled the magnolia trees in Santa Cruz’s Parking Lot #4 at noon on September 24th had been removed by 3:30pm.

Metal stakes and mesh fencing have been put up by the city of Santa Cruz to prevent the weekly drum circle next to the Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market.

Police lined Cathcart Street displaying batons and a riot control gun, but quickly drove away.

The City of Santa Cruz took measures trying to prevent the weekly gathering and drum circle in Parking Lot #4 alongside the Farmer’s Market.