Santa Cruz Archive

The healthy 110-year-old tree near the sidewalk at 407 Broadway in Santa Cruz is a Red Horse Chestnut, and slated to be cut down for a Hyatt Place Hotel.

The Great Morgani announced he will no longer be performing in downtown Santa Cruz "due to the recent strict enforcement of current ordinances".

The Santa Cruz Bike Party is gaining popularity, and part of a larger movement. San José Bike Party is the most famous, with thousands of cyclists riding through what they describe as “one of the most eminently bikeable cities in North America.”

Demonstrators paraded through town while spreading the word about the Santa Cruz Eleven, playing music, dancing, and having fun.

Environmental advocates demonstrated in Santa Cruz, and across the U.S., calling on President Obama to reject the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

On November 18, 2013, the Santa Cruz Sentinel announced that it's parent company, Digital First Media, would be moving to a subscriber-based model for accessing digital content. I'm not certain when the online subscription model first launched on the Sentinel's website, however a paywall is in effect as of Monday, February 3, 2014.

Patch Editor Brad Kava Poses on a Santa Cruz Police Motorcycle.

Sin Barras and other community members demonstrated at the Clock Tower in downtown Santa Cruz to say, "NO MORE MONEY FOR JAILS!"

Event Santa Cruz, a monthly event that showcases thriving local businesses and the people behind them, organized a downtown Edibles Crawl.

Beehive Collective presented ¡Mesoamerica Resiste!, the long-awaited third graphics campaign in an epic trilogy, at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.