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Many working class people from all over Mexico have traveled to Mexico City to demand a full recount of the votes cast during the national election.

The encuentro provided a time and space to become informed and fightback against the border, racism, capitalism and empire.

In front of people from all over Mexico and tourists from around the world, a casket was light on fire that said “education” and two cardboard donkeys with the faces of the Governor, Ulises Ruiz and the director of UABJO, Neri.

In the Plaza in Coyoacan, a loud sound-system was set up and several tables displayed books, shirts, buttons, jewelry, coffee and other outreach materials.

Han pasado los años y nada de lo prometido se ha cumplido, ahora este grupo de hombres han decidido manifestarse en huelga de hambre.

Genetic Diversity of Maize

NAFTA has forced millions of subsistence farmers to migrate to other parts of Mexico and the US. Before NAFTA went into effect in 1994, Mexican farmers had been protected from the inexpensive, low quality, and mass-produced corn grown in the US.

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