Media Conspiracy Archive

They are trying to control who gets to be deemed a journalist, which stories can be reported on, and how they are reported.

A Santa Cruz photojournalist is facing felony and misdemeanor charges arising from his coverage of a building occupation by protesters affiliated with Occupy Wall Street.

The First Amendment’s guarantee of press freedom is meaningless if journalists do not possess a concomitant right to gather the news.

Wells Fargo locked their doors and instructed their private security guards to inform customers that the bank was closed.

This space has been occupied to meet urgent, concrete needs that can’t wait for election time to be met: food, shelter, bathrooms, safety from abuse, and many more.

Santa Cruz Police arrested a demonstrator on Water Street, while other activists were beginning the occupation of a vacant bank at 75 River Street.

Over a hundred activists in Santa Cruz demonstrated in front of a Chase bank, before marching to and occupying a vacant bank building at 75 River Street.