Weekend of Resistance for Jeff “Free” Luers

Jeff Luers in the Fall Creek Tree Village, 1998

Thank you for tuning in to the May 16, 2005 Indynewswire show on Free Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1 FM, freakradio.org and beyond. This show has been dedicated to Jeff “Free” Luers and the June 10-12 Weekend of Resistance. We hear audio from a documentary about Jeff “Free” Luers and I have a discussion with Dylan, a friend of Free and member of his Defense Network.

Audio: (Both files = 1:57:23 minutes)

“We are united in our fate, therefore we must be united in our struggle.”

Part 1 (1:02:46 minutes)
Part 2 (Starts with the Interview) (54:37 minutes)

This audio includes:

Part 1: Download the mp3

Jeff Luers’ keynote address to the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (ELAW), University of Oregon, March 6, 2005.
Future Sounds of London is mixed into Jeff’s address.

Ænima by Tool

Audio from a video documentary about Jeff “Free” Luers

SUV Love by Department of corrections

River Of Orchids by XTC

Animal by Ani DiFranco

Part 2: Download the mp3

Interview with Dylan, a friend of Free and member of his Defense Network

Free (Song for Jeffrey Luers) by David Rovics

Give the anarchist a cigarette by Chumbawamba

Fourth Resistance! by WSQT Guerrilla Radio

Emergency On Planet Earth by Jamiroquai


June 10-12th Weekend of Resistance

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