Interview with Will Parrish about Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC)

Will Parrish on the March for Education. September 15, 2004.

On April 11, 2005 Will Parrish, an organizer with Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC), joined me in the Free Radio Santa Cruz studio for a live-on-air interview. TUSC will take place April 18-22 at the base of the UC Santa Cruz campus.

UCSC’s upper administration and the campus police do not support the autonomous community being created, however the students are continuing to build support both on and off campus.

Community solidarity and legal defense networks are being created and direct action trainings will be held on Sunday, April 17, 2:30pm at the Resource Center for Nonviolence and Monday, April 18, at TUSC — the base of the UCSC campus.

Will Parrish (27:33)

For more information about TUSC, see:

Tent University Santa Cruz, April 18-22: Claiming UCSC As Our Own

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This interview also contains the song “Ride The Fence” by The Coup.

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