It was a Good Day

[ Photo by slworking2 (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). This mountain is known locally as Blue Rock. Santee, California. ]

it is so much easier for me to take photos than it is to write a journal entry, or in this case, a blog entry. i’ve had journals at different times in my life, but i do not spend much time these days writing or typing about my thoughts and feelings. but i should. i think we all should, really. but, i usually feel that action takes precedence to reflection and planning.

i’m not sure where to begin, since this is my first blog entry on the critical mass radio network website. at about four in the morning on july 23, i was looking at the moon over the santa monica mountains and thinking about the many people that have used their time and knowledge to help me out. i was mainly thinking about technical support related to the internet.

i had just finished chatting on irc with bharat, a co-founder of the gallery project. it really makes me feel good to know there are people like bharat that enjoy providing detailed technical support…. at two thirty in the morning on a friday night / saturday morning. i still want to make more customizations to my gallery, but bharat was able to help me get it to a point where i feel comfortable enough to show it to friends and family. valiant has also been very helpful in the g2 forums.

solidarity and mutual aid are live and well. thanks to the critical mass radio network for hosting this blog. thanks to my friend that hosts my website. thanks to all the people that have created gallery, the software i am using for my photo gallery. thanks to all the people that provide support for the indymedia network. thanks to freak radio santa cruz for making space for indynewswire every monday from 1-3pm. thanks to santa cruz barrios unidos for sharing resources with the community and providing a forum at cesar e chavez and vista high school for students and myself to learn from each other.

after chatting with bharat and looking at the moon over the mountains, i read time’s up and learning from shac written by jeff luers and part of the kabylia uprising by rob los ricos. all three writings appear in a zine called heartcheck by political prisoners jeffery “free” luers and rob “los ricos” thaxton.

we are not running out of time, we are out of time!
– from time’s up by jeff luers.