Tent University Santa Cruz

On Monday April 18, around 150 hundred people, most of whom are currently enrolled as undergrads at UCSC, marched from UCSC’s Baytree Plaza down to the base of campus. Several large puppets decided to join the march as well. Meanwhile at the base of campus, other folks were busy creating a large steel structure to provide a respite from the hot sun.

Once we reached the base of campus, several TUSC organizers stood on a wooden platform and explained a little bit about the organizing that went into TUSC. Dan from AFSCME spoke in support of TUSC, Students Against War (SAW) and Student Worker Coalition for Justice.

Students also broke out into direct democracy circles to decide as a group what the plan of action will be…..

In glaring contrast to the University of California, which is driven almost solely by economic imperatives, Tent University will function based on principles of liberty, solidarity, community, and creativity. UCSC faculty will lead their classes there, rather than in their classrooms; representatives of various community organizations and movements will hold teach-ins and workshops; and students will teach their own classes on a wide variety of subjects.

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