Occupation of the Graduate Student Commons at UC Santa Cruz

On Thursday, September 24th, students at UC Santa Cruz began the occupation of the Graduate Student Commons as part of a day of action at all UCs across the state. The building is located in a central location on campus, across from the Bay Tree Bookstore. The occupiers held a dance party on Friday the night and another dance party on Wednesday night. By Thursday morning, the occupation had come to an end.

A flyer distributed in the streets explains the building occupation at UC Santa Cruz:

The situation at the university has become untenable. Workers are losing their jobs. Students are dropping out of school. The promise of a good life at the end of a university education is now an illusion.

Compared to the severity of the crisis, the solutions on offer are woefully inadequate. The time for pointless negotiations is over. But a single day of action, announced in advance, is not enough. Escalation is absolutely necessary.

It remains for the people to seize what is theirs.



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