Critical Mass Bike Ride Rolls the Boardwalk

On Friday, April 29th, a large mass of bikers and a young girl with a scooter, took to the streets of Santa Cruz to celebrate Critical Mass, the bike ride which takes place the last Friday of each month all around the world.

Critical massers gathered at the town clock at about 5:00pm. At about 5:45pm, people hit the road. But, the word came in that 15 more bikers were waiting at the town clock under the assumption the ride would start at 6:00pm. So the mass returned to town clock and we were a united mass. Our travels took us down Pacific Ave., up Laurel St., down Center and past the Santa Cruz Police Department, through the Arcade and Boardwalk and up River St.

Last Friday of every month.
Gather at the Town Clock at 5:00pm
Ride through the streets.
There is no route.
There are no leaders.

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