Anarchist Action in the streets of Palo Alto

On the evening of June 25, several hundred people took to the streets of downtown Palo Alto to march against war, empire and capitalism.

I really wonder how much money the police state spent before and during this march in downtown Palo Alto… Palo Alto police were joined by police from many other agencies, including Gilroy, Milpitas, Mountain View, Santa Clara County sheriffs, California Highway Patrol and especially the San Jose police. Many cops wore riot gear and carried big guns, while some carried tear gas guns and other ‘non-lethal’ weapons.

Video: 20.2 MB or 42.5 MB

The march against war, empire and capitalism was coordinated through Anarchist Action, a forum through which revolutionary anarchists can act and organize. Just over a month ago on May 20, downtown Palo Alto was the scene of a Reclaim The Streets party where hundreds of rebellious youth, students, and workers were united by an effective critique of global capitalism – weaving together the dominance of the G8, the monotony of modern urbanism, and alienated suburban boredom.

For more information about the some of the motivations for the march, please see:

Revolutionary March Against War & Empire – June 25 – Palo Alto

…other agencies that have dealt with the group report that “this group is very sophisticated, well organized and employs various tactics.”

-Palo Alto Police Chief
Lynne Johnson

Anarchist Action is an open forum for the facilitation and coordination of autonomous revolutionary anarchist resistance. Autonomous initiatives exist across the West Coast and Midwest.

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