Tour de Everyday Rides in the Rain

On February 15th, ten bicyclists participated in the Tour de Everyday ride through Santa Cruz to demonstrate the utility of the bicycle for transportation. Highlights of the tour included riding across the new bike/pedestrian bridge that crosses the San Lorenzo River adjacent to Highway 1 and learning about the bicycle parking facilities planned for the new New Leaf. Even in the rain, bicycles are an efficient, inexpensive, and enjoyable way to get around town.

A flyer by People Power! advocating safer and more attractive bicycle routes, given out before the Tour de Everyday bicycle ride, notes:

Here in Santa Cruz the biggest source of greenhouse gases and other air pollution is cars. Yet most car trips are surprisingly short–according to U.S. Department of Transportation, over 40% of all car trips are 3 miles or less. Those are the car trips people would be most willing to switch to bike trips if we made it safe and convenient for them to do so.

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