Signs of Solidarity with the South Central Farm

Santa Cruz activists have been busy like bees in preparation for Sunday's rally in solidarity with South Central Farmers. Folks living in the Santa Cruz area, some of which have been down to the South Central Farm in Los Angeles, are inspired by the SCF and dedicated to spreading awareness and solidarity for the South Central Farmers; Campesinos that have been cultivating 14 acres of land and feeding hundreds of families in South Central LA for 14 years. On Saturday, July 8th, a day before the 2:00pm rally at the clock tower and march through Santa Cruz, signs and posters were created by artists and activists. Over 30 events in solidarity with the South Central Farm are taking place from July 7th-10th in locations ranging from Oakland and Chicago to Athens, Greece and Australia.

For more information on the South Central Farm and the International Days of Solidarity, please visit the following links:

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