Developers Don’t Give A Fuck About Us

On July 9th, about 60 people paraded through downtown Santa Cruz as part of the international days of solidarity with the South Central Farm in Los Angeles. Marchers carried colorful anti-development signs and banners, handed out leaflets, taped posters up everywhere, and played improvised drums.

A majority of sidewalk onlookers were curious and willing to read the handouts, and a few joined in. The rally began at the clocktower and grew in numbers until spilling out on to Front St. Comfortably filling most of the asphalt, the assembly proceeded down Front to Laurel Street, turning to come back northward up the crowded Pacific Avenue drag and finally ending in a courtyard area across from the Post Office. Marchers congregated in the courtyard to listen to speakers, announcements, and a statement from the farmers, broadcasted from the mobile bike cart PA system.

* Text by U.Z.P. task force, Photos by Bradley

Read the full report back:

Report back from SCF Solidarity Demonstration / Parade

PDF’s of the handout and poster from today’s SCF solidarity rally/march

South Central Farmers Statement of Solidarity with Santa Cruz Rally

Signs of Solidarity with the South Central Farm

Santa Cruz Solidarity With South Central Farmers

Days of Solidarity Follow Plowing Under of South Central Farm

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