Roger Mentch will Continue the Hemporium, LLC. a Professional Caregiving Service

Sentencing for local medical marijuana provider Roger Mentch, took place May 2, in the chambers of Superior Court Judge Samuel Stevens. Nearly two years ago, the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs drug task force raided the Felton home of Roger Mentch, managing director of the Hemporium, a medical marijuana consultant and delivery service, with about 20 clients.

The prosecutor who tried the case, Thanh Ngo, argued for a 150 day jail sentence and demanded the DA’s office retain all evidence, particularly the cash seized by Sherrie’s deputies. Judge Stevens handed down, a 5-day jail sentence, giving Mentch credit for time served, and summary probation for 3 years. He was also ordered to pay $220 in court costs. Throughout the hearing, Judge Stevens repeatedly stipulated Mentch could continue to operate his marijuana deliveries, saying, “If he wishes to conduct himself under the law, he will not be in violation of probation.”

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Rockin’ the Boat: Medical Pot Provider Gets Leniency

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Rally For Roger Mentch at County Courthouse
by Mercy For Mentch

Roger Mentch, a local medical marijuana provider and caregiver, currently faces up to seven years imprisonment for possessing 1 1/2 oz. of marijuana. Come out to the Santa Cruz County Courthouse steps on Monday, May 2 at 8:00am and stand in solidarity with Roger as he faces sentencing. Please demonstrate through your presence that you support honest medical marijuana providers and reject the current politically-motivated oppression of medical marijuana providers in California and the rest of the United States.

Besides Roger Mentch being prosecuted, Santa Cruz’s Pacific Cannabis Collective was shutdown in the last month. Since the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana was raided in September 2002, the two most recent actions have effectively cut off the medical marijuana supply in Santa Cruz County. The only option for many medical marijuana patients is to travel an hour and a half or more to the San Francisco Bay Area to a medical marijuana dispensary. For many, this is not an option because of immobility and lack of financial resources. It is also problematic because many Bay Area medical marijuana dispensaries are coming under law enforcement scrutiny and several have recently been shut down.

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Medical Marijuana Provider and In-Home Caregiver on Trial in Santa Cruz
by Roger Mentch

On Tuesday, March 8th, legal proceedings started in the trial of Roger Mentch, local medical marijuana provider and in-home caregiver. After waiting nearly two years to stand trial, Mentch is facing several charges that could possibly result in over ten years in prison. Local medical marijuana patients and humanitarian activists are rallying around Mentch, claiming the charges are the result of a witch-hunt by the District Attorney looking to make an example out of Mentch despite his status as a certified medical marijuana provider.

On June 6, 2003, the home of Roger Mentch was raided by the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs drug task force. A warrant was issued because the money smelled funny, Monterey Bank stated. At 7:30am guns were drawn on Mr. Mentch as well as his girlfriend and 8 year old daughter.

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