Holding Signs Above Highway One

On Friday March 4, Santa Cruz activists took the message of peace to the streets, well, actually they held their signs high above Highway One.

On a different post to sc-imc, John Thielking gave this report of the demonstration, “For what it is worth, 8 of the protestors (some new faces too) returned to the Branciforte overpass on Friday March 4, 2005. Some more protestors, including Women in Black, were at the intersection of Ocean and Water, from 5-6PM. No CHP or any other law enforcement showed up to bother us at the Branciforte location….. We will see what happens next week.”

For background information check out:
39 Cities on the California Coast Call for Peace

For photos from a bike demonstration a week earlier at the same spot, check out:
Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte

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