Pawns of Empire Memorialized at UCSC

On my way to the annual Women as Social Warriors (Mujures en Marcha) event at UCSC on November 9, I came across a memorial consisting of white sticks in the ground each with a photo and information about a particular person from the U$ who has died while fighting the ‘war on terrorism’ in Iraq.

I cringe at the term ‘US Soldiers,’ so I’ve used ‘Pawns of Empire’ to express that these people were removed from their communities and sent away to kill people (literally, economically, socially and environmentally) while they were treated as expendable pawns under the rule of empire.

I’m appreciative that time has been taken to create a memorial for these pawns of empire and I hope it is seen as a step towards peace, rather than an opportunity to ‘Honor US Soldiers.’

Crossposted at Santa Cruz Indymedia.